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Sud - Arlon
Année de création : 2014
Pop / Rock / Folk
4 Membres

Présentation :

According to the legend, Weazels was born in the hot winter of 2014 after a torid night of love between four old post metal jazz indie pop fusion rock fanatic dudes.

Following this rite, Weazels went in search of the perfect melody to whistle in the (collective) shower, following up the traces left by the Druids of the New World (Pixies, Sonic Youth, Pavement), the Anglicans wizards (The Smiths, Blur, The Cure) and the Franciscan priests (Dominique A, Gainsbourg, Bashung, Florent Marchet).

In (approximate) English or (approximate) French, the songs of Weazels draw their inspiration in everyday modern (rubbish) lives: family, love, mind-numbing work, alcohol, sex, mountains, flowers, tissues, sauces, ...

Yet of timid nature, Weazels now want to be heard accross the Universes (recording of first demo just started) and in all places (beaches, caves, warehouses, basements, pastures, parks, ...).

Musiciens :

  • Michel Debay  : Basse, Choeurs, Guitare
  • Fabrice Giombetti  : Guitare

Extraits musicaux :

The Hospital

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